Itylee and Vienna

Itylee and Vienna

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Saturday Night Drinks-Blushing Virgin

Yeah we moved into our house! I'm sorry I do not have pictures. We do not have the internet and I have not figured out how to post pictures from my phone. Anyways so James and I have decided that every Saturday night we are going to try a new drink. If anyone want to join please come over. Don't worry they're alcohol free. I bought two different books of non-alcoholic drinks so we decided that we will try a new one every week. This past week we had blushing virgins. They were so good I am actually drinking one right now as I type this up. I am going to post the recipes and if you try any of the recipes I post please let me know what you thought about it. But it would be best if you would just join us for our Saturday night drinks. Maybe play a little poker too.


Lemon wedge for rimming
coarse sugar for rimming
1/4 cup no sugar added pomegranate juice
1 TB fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/2 grapefruit juice (Squirt)
lemon slice for garnish

rub the lemon wedge around the rim of your glass. I chose to use a marti glass. Then dip the rim in the sugar.
Fill the rimmed glass with ice. Add juices and serve garnished with the lemon slice.

Now I actually like it better with out the lemon juice. I don't know If my lemon was bad but I thought it tasted better with no lemon juice. Well I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to come over saturdays to join us for drinks

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another blog download

Sorry I know I should really be updating my page all the time but I sure do get behind. So I hope you love this download from the Fuller family.
So to start of Vienna is 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah! We had a ducky party for her. This is her cake that my dad shaved its head when he put it in the fridge. Good thing I was just so happy that Vienna was one that I didn't care.
These are cake poppers which where amazing! I love cake poppers. I'm not a big fan of making them because they make a lot and take a lot of time to make them.
She had so much fun! And I had so much fun making her little bow thingy. If you look closely i put a little ducky in the center of the yellow part.

Time for CAKE!!

Time for the 4th of July. This year we had lunch at dads with all the Graham side and then headed down for an early dinner down in Provo with the Fullers. Grandma Fuller and LeeAndra and David were all there plus LeeAndra's daughter Kristy and her family. It was lots of fun. After that we headed back to dads for fireworks. James went home with Vienna and Itylee and I went and say the Fireworks. The best part of the day though was Itylee's hair. I had so much doing her hair plus she sat sooo good for me. For Vienna's hair I just sprayed it like a flag but the blue kept coming out of her hair so it doesn't really show up in the picture.
Next we had the Davidson family reunion and had a blast. James, the girls, and I camped out in the grass and there was a huge zip line this year that i never went on but Itylee and James did.For the kids on the zip line they connected a baby swing to secure them in. Itylee had soooooo much fun. Also Itylee just had soo much fun playing with my cousin Beauchene. They just played and played it was sooo cute. James decided one evening that he was going to climb to the top of one of the nearby mountains and he wanted to drag me along but there was no way I could do that. I am so out of shape. but I am soo proud of him.

I think this is the only picture of James kind of smiling. I guess that's as close as he gets

Now time to move onto the 24th of July. I had the lesson for nursery and I wanted to teach the kids about how the pioneers lived. So I made aprons out of hot pads and wash rags, and rag dolls, and we even made butter in little baby food jars. but the best part was my dad and I built a little handcart out of my old bike trailer. The kids had soo much fun and to top it off I made an amazing cake! Thank you Alessandra. Check out her website at for the recipe and directions because you will be the hit of the party if you show up with this cake.
The top picture from left to right is James, Jesse, Hailey, Itylee, Henry, and Brynne The rest of the pictures you can figure out yourself :)
Okay now to move into our HOUSE!!!! here is a preview of our house with all the walls up
As of last night they had all the walls and ceiling painted so now they just need to put the flooring in then cabinents and the rest of the plumbing like toilets and sinks and they are finished with the inside!! I will post a picture of the front of the house as soon as they finish it. They have the sides and back of the house finished but in the fron they only have the base coat of the stucco done so it's not so pretty but I am going back tonight so hopefully they have done more in the front. Well I don't think I forgot anything else. I hope you have all enjoyed my download :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

helpful little Itylee

So tonight as I was brushing my teeth and itylee came into the bathroom with a box of tampons humming a song and then looked up at me and said "I'm cleaning your room" then she continued on humming a little song and walked back to my room. I was like YES i'm traing her soooo well. so I decided to follow her as I saw that she had put anything that was on my floor and threw  it in the hallway. It made me laugh then  I decided to take advantage of her genorisity and told her that everything needed to come back in my room from the hallway and in a cute little cheerful voice she said"okay" and continued on with her humming. It was so fun to sit and watch her as I sat on my bed to see her come in and just kind of stuff things in places and when she didn't know where she would put it she would ask me where to put it and then she'd continue to hum her little song until she was finished and with a big slump of her shoulder and a big humph of relief she said "few, i'm pooped" I have to say she did a pretty good job too. I am so grateful for her. She just fills my heart with happiness. And i'm not only  saying that cuz I got a free cleaning out of her but because I didn't even have to ask her and that at 2 years old she knew what needed to be done and she did it out of the kindness of her heart and all while humming a cute little song and a smile on her face. Bet your all jelous now aren't ya.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Week

So I know it's been a long time since I've written anything so bear with me cuz I have a lot to report. This has been a super busy week. Ali (the little girl I nanny) Had her dance performance and her mom wanted to get her little American Doll a dance outfit so I offered to make her doll a matching outfit the night before her performance.  It turned out so great. I had other mothers coming up to me offering me 25$ to make their daughter an outfit for their doll. But I really don't think I'd enjoy making them for money. I just really enjoyed making the outfit cuz I know Ali would be sooo happy.
Then Saturday was Ali's birthday party and I offered to make the cake because she wanted to have a wizards of waverly place party. The blue and white things around the cake are cake poppers which were amazing. They tasted like ding dongs but better. I know that doesn't sound that busy of a week but I had to make two cakes and cake poppers and that took all week Okay now to fill you in for the rest of what has been going on.

The Biggest news is that they finally started to dig the foundation for our House!!! Yeah Now I have a good reason to go our for a nice drive to check on the progress of the house.
Next Itylee got the chance to have a free golf lesson at a golf course and also got a free pink golf club that she absolutely loves. She had so much fun putting for about 2 hours with her little Uncle Evan.
Okay so Itylee and Melissa have had soo much fun playing together. Stella and I were getting lunch ready when the girls both came in to the kitchen looking like this. I'm pretty sure I almost peed my pants laughing.
Like I said Melissa and Itylee are having way to much fun with each other. Do I even need to explain this one
Itylee had her dance performance and did sooooooooooo good. I was sooooo proud of her. This is right before the performance. They took a two week break after the performance before the summer lesson started and everyday she would ask me if it was dance day and that she wanted to go to the new school. meaning she wanted to dance at the school she had her performance at.
So Petersen's were having a parking lot party going on and they had a fire truck their and Itylee was so excited. She loves pretending to be a fire fighter so to see a big fire truck made her day.
So Shelby has been asking to do a lemonade stand so finally Stella was like okay lets do it. So they sold m&m's and lemonade. There wasn't anybody out but they had fun for the 10 minutes they were out their.
So I hope this one makes you laugh because I had a hard time taking this pictures because I was laughing so hard. Shelby got into the baby clothes and dressed up all of them all by herself. if you look closely you can see Itylee is were a onesie and Melissa is wearing the sweat outfit Tiffany made for Vienna. Shelby is wearing Itylee's old snow suit. I was just so impressed with Shelby cuz she got everyone dressed. So that is the download of what's been going on in the Fuller life.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BIG NEWS!!!!!!! We are building a house!!!! It's out in eagle mountain in City Center. I am so excited we go on monday to pick out EVERYTHING!

Friday, April 16, 2010

James's Shirt before

Hey sorry I forgot to post what James's shirt looked like before I got to it and turned it into a master piece lol

Itylee's new dress out of daddy's shirt.

I just want to thank my sister Stella for giving me this idea it really made my day. This dress is soooo easy and simple to make and a great way to use up all of James shirts he just seem to not be able to get rid off. Even though they don't fit him. I guess he is okay seeing his little girl where his shirt in a new way. And I promise to put up the girls easter outfits up soon. They turned out sooo cute!
I love this picture. she looks like something is about to pop out and get her.
In this picture you an see the front of the shirt has been turned into the back of the dress for easy unbuttoning to get your sweet little princess out with out messy up her hair.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Home Made Baby Wipes

I know I've been telling everyone about how amazing these wipes are and that I would post on how I made these. First you will need:
 2 TB Baby wash,
 2 TB Baby oil,
 2 Cups Water, 
 Paper towel Roll,
A container that will fit your wipes. I have found out that the huge cream cheese container works perfectly.

Then cut the roll in half. I use an electric bread knife and found that it was the best thing to use. Paper towels are harder than they look like to cut, but with the electric bread knife it was a breeze.

Then mix together the baby wash, baby oil, and water.

Place the paper towel in the container. It won't fit right now but when it is done absorbing the water mix you can squish it down.

When the center is fully soaked you can pull the center out real easy. If the paper towel doesn't soak up all the way, squish the paper towel down till you can fit the lid on and tip it upside down for awhile. You can also add more water and tip it upside down. The recipe can be tampered with anyway you like. If you don't like it oily you can add less oil and vise versa for the wash and water.
You could also add some witch hazel into the mix and i have found that it really helps with rashes. Good luck please let me know if you tried this and how it turned out for you.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Itylee's Easter story

 Before I forget to write this down last night I was reading a book about easter to Itylee and we came to a page with Jesus on the cross and she said "oh Jesus hurts. Oh he's up up up on it. Don't worry Jesus I love you" and with that she blew him a Kiss. She continued to blow him kiss the whole time I read the page. Then the next page was when Jesus was coming out if the tomb and she said "Jesus saved! Mommy and you saved too." I just love how much she really understand even though she is soo young. I am so blessed to have such a sweet spirited girl.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Itylee's Dance

So Itylee has been doing dance for about a month now and she is loving it. It is so fun to watch her grow up. For the 2-year-old class they decided not to give them a performance dress so Kelli (Isabell's mother from dance) Decided that the girls needed something to wear so we got together and made all those tutu's and bows it took 3 days but we did it and they are so cute!
She is sits so good for me to do her hair I love it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Sunday Lesson for Nursery

Today was the Easter lesson for my nursery class. There were only 3 kids there today So there was no crazy business. For the lesson I just did the resurection story in the manual with the cut out. Nothing special but for our activity I had the kids make birds nest out of chocolate mini Bundt cake with a claze over it so they could stick mini robin eggs on it along with a peep. I also found some edible grass to put around it. It was so much fun! I put the finish project in a basket for them to take home. They all had so much fun.