Itylee and Vienna

Itylee and Vienna

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A twist on an old Danish tradition.

So as you all know I am always trying to find ways to keep my girls memory of my mom alive and so this Christmas I have found a way to bring back an old family tradition of ours and to include my mom. As we were growing up my parents would hide these little pictures of Nisse men every morning and the first one to find it got good luck for the rest of the day and got to hide the next Nisse Men. Now I dont remember much of my childhood and I know I have blocked a lot of it out but I do remember the feeling we had in our home every Christmas because of how hard my mom worked to make it magical for all of us. Now I know we probably continued doing this tradition after she got sick but as I for me it died when she got sick. A couple of years ago I found all her little Nisse men pictures and photo copied them all and gave them out as christmas gifts to my siblings. I finally got mine out and decided it was about time I would bring back the tradition. I put a little spin on mine though. I love the elf on the shelf idea but its just not christmas with out nisse men for me. So I kind of combine the two and included my mom in it all. To introduce the nisse men here is acute little note "from" my mom with I made with the mymemories software and I am going to leave it on our porch for my girls.
Sorry the note is hard to read but here is what it says.

To My Princesses
I am so happy to see how big you have grown and happy to see how much you are caring for each other. With Christmas coming soon I wanted to send you some of my favorite little men over to help keep an eye on you this season. They are called Nisse Men and they are from very far away. Everday a new Nisse men will appear so keep an eye out. If you spot him first you will have good luck all day long. The Nisse Men will let Santa know if you are being good. and on Christmas Eve put your shoes out by the front porch and make sure to leave a treat for the Nisse men to say thank you and you'll get a wonderful suprise. I miss you very much and watch over you everyday.
  I love you,
Grandma Kairlee

See I got to mix the idea of the elf who is santa's helper and keeping an eye on the children and the nisse men all together. And if your wondering in Denmark they would leave out rice pudding on the doorstep to make the nisse men happy for another year that's why we leave a treat at the door for them and in return they will get a new christmas ornament in their shoe "from" my mom. Now the shoe part comes in because I remeber as a kid we would leave our shoes out and they would get filled with candy but my husband cant get past the idea of shoes on the table and candy in them so we comprimised and walla a new christmas tradition which helps keep the memory of my mom in our kids lives too.
Now as for the Nisse Men if you are wondering where these cute pictures came from, well my Mom's, Dad actually picked them up in Denmark while on his mission so I have no idea where you would find them now but lucky for you I have photo copied them all and can easily email them to you if you would like them too. I love the different traditions from around the world and I love teaching them to my kids as well. This one I love because my grandma on my dads side is actually full Danish and I know we have some Danish on my moms side to so I also get to teach my kids about our ancestors all in one big fun season. 

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