Itylee and Vienna

Itylee and Vienna

Thursday, July 14, 2011

24th of July lesson recap of last Year

I thought I would share this again since we are living in a new place and I know there are a lot of primary workers especially for the little ones that would like to do a special 24th of July lesson. This is what I did with my nursery class last year and it turned out wonderful. The kids listened and all had fun at the same time. If you are not a primary worker this would also work for preschool or even family home evening. Hope you enjoy.

 I had the lesson for nursery and I wanted to teach the kids about how the pioneers lived. How they traveled, what they played with, how they made their own food and ect. So I made aprons out of hot pads, ribbon and wash rags with a coffee filter for a bonnet, then I made rag dolls out of my fabric scraps that I keep around because Itylee likes to pretend they are noodles, and finally I got little baby food jars and put heavy cream in it to make butter and we all sat on the floor and sang some primary songs while we shook the jars. Or you can play primary songs on a CD and every time the music stop you freeze and when it starts playing again you pass your jar and ect. I was planning on make some bread but got way to busy. but the best part was my dad and I built a little handcart out of my old bike trailer. The kids had soo much fun and to top it off I made an amazing cake! Thank you Alessandra. Check out her website at for the recipe and directions because you will be the hit of the party if you show up with this cake.

The top picture from left to right is James, Jesse, Hailey, Itylee, Henry, and Brynne The rest of the pictures you can figure out yourself :)