Itylee and Vienna

Itylee and Vienna

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Simple October Gift

Ok so here is what I did for just a little gift for the ladies I visit teach.  Here is the link for the cute witch shoes and for the treat I made some chocolate dipped strawberries and the card I made with digital scrap booking program I have. If anyone would like to share with me on how to upload of file I would be more then willing to share my card with all of you

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AND THE WINNER IS..............

Ok first thank you everyone who participated and for the staff of mymemories for sponsering this give away. I have had so much fun with this digitial scrap booking software. I am learning something new everytime I use it. Plus the staff at mymemories is awsome. On their blog they do a different challanges and on their facebook on Sundays they do this thing called speed scrap sunday were in an hour they teach you a different technique but they give you steps every ten minutes for an hour then you post your picture and of course they give out prizes. It's so fun to see how we all had the same instructions but how differently everyone around the worlds tunrs out different. Ok ok ok I'll stop blabbering and get to the good part. AND THE WINNER IS.............ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Ashley I know you will love this and A.J. can deal with the neglect. Ok I do still have some good news for everyone else If you really would like to still try out digitial scrapbooking mymemories crew has given me a promo code so that you can use get 10$ off of the digitial software plus another 10$ to use to in the desgin shop. The software is only 39.97 so with the promo you only pay 29.97 which seriously is a good price especially for what you get.  If anyone would like to test drive the program too you are more than welcomed to come on over and give it a shot. For those that are interested the promo code is STMMMS99421

They also have also have a cool wedding software if you are in the wedding business or just about to have your own wedding and want to save money you can create thank you cards, invitaition, place cards, ect. Now I just need to find someone I know that is engaged so I have an excuse to purchase it :)

This was my speed scrap sunday picture

This is a card I made to go along with a little gift for the ladies I visit teach. I will post this with the gift in another post since I have not delivered them yet

This is something I made for a friend who is getting married today and again I'll have another post to show you what I did with this

Monday, October 3, 2011

MyMemories digital scrapbooking software give away

Ok so I am sooooo excited to do this give away. Now if your like me you take a lot of pictures and never get them developed or when you do they sit in a box for ever until you finally get the urge to scrap book all of the pictures and you spend countless hours on it and when you have finish it's only one page. Yup that's me and dont forget the huge mess you have to clean up afterwards. I have been wanting to get to digital scrapbooking so I can make a book for every year. My goal is to do a page a month about what we did that month. Can I just tell you how much I love mymemories suite software. I had so much fun and it only took a half an hour out of my day to make this cute page of my girls. The nice thing you can do is just use an already made template where you can just drag pictures into or you can make your own. This page I made myself. No template involved. Not to bad for my first page. The program isn't just for scrapbooking either.You can make birth annoucments, christmas, cards, or even b-day invitaions!

Okay okay now time to get on to the good stuff. The giveaway for a free Mymemories Suite Software. Now it is simple all you have to do is go to and then choose a layout that you like best and post a comment telling me what you favorite layout is.  My favorite one is the glamour and glitz pack. That package is what I used to make my page. Also if you like to add another entry follow them on facebook, blogger, or twitter and leave in your comment which ones you have done. I will pick a winner next Monday so good luck everyone!




Saturday, October 1, 2011

A is for apple

These are our apple faces and stain glass apples. We will be putting our stain glass apples on our halloween tree