Itylee and Vienna

Itylee and Vienna

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A twist on an old Danish tradition.

So as you all know I am always trying to find ways to keep my girls memory of my mom alive and so this Christmas I have found a way to bring back an old family tradition of ours and to include my mom. As we were growing up my parents would hide these little pictures of Nisse men every morning and the first one to find it got good luck for the rest of the day and got to hide the next Nisse Men. Now I dont remember much of my childhood and I know I have blocked a lot of it out but I do remember the feeling we had in our home every Christmas because of how hard my mom worked to make it magical for all of us. Now I know we probably continued doing this tradition after she got sick but as I for me it died when she got sick. A couple of years ago I found all her little Nisse men pictures and photo copied them all and gave them out as christmas gifts to my siblings. I finally got mine out and decided it was about time I would bring back the tradition. I put a little spin on mine though. I love the elf on the shelf idea but its just not christmas with out nisse men for me. So I kind of combine the two and included my mom in it all. To introduce the nisse men here is acute little note "from" my mom with I made with the mymemories software and I am going to leave it on our porch for my girls.
Sorry the note is hard to read but here is what it says.

To My Princesses
I am so happy to see how big you have grown and happy to see how much you are caring for each other. With Christmas coming soon I wanted to send you some of my favorite little men over to help keep an eye on you this season. They are called Nisse Men and they are from very far away. Everday a new Nisse men will appear so keep an eye out. If you spot him first you will have good luck all day long. The Nisse Men will let Santa know if you are being good. and on Christmas Eve put your shoes out by the front porch and make sure to leave a treat for the Nisse men to say thank you and you'll get a wonderful suprise. I miss you very much and watch over you everyday.
  I love you,
Grandma Kairlee

See I got to mix the idea of the elf who is santa's helper and keeping an eye on the children and the nisse men all together. And if your wondering in Denmark they would leave out rice pudding on the doorstep to make the nisse men happy for another year that's why we leave a treat at the door for them and in return they will get a new christmas ornament in their shoe "from" my mom. Now the shoe part comes in because I remeber as a kid we would leave our shoes out and they would get filled with candy but my husband cant get past the idea of shoes on the table and candy in them so we comprimised and walla a new christmas tradition which helps keep the memory of my mom in our kids lives too.
Now as for the Nisse Men if you are wondering where these cute pictures came from, well my Mom's, Dad actually picked them up in Denmark while on his mission so I have no idea where you would find them now but lucky for you I have photo copied them all and can easily email them to you if you would like them too. I love the different traditions from around the world and I love teaching them to my kids as well. This one I love because my grandma on my dads side is actually full Danish and I know we have some Danish on my moms side to so I also get to teach my kids about our ancestors all in one big fun season. 

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fairy party for Breakfast!

OK so I have to say I didn't handle my moms passing as well as I thought I would. I know I am lucky to have wanted her to pass so she wouldn't have to suffer any more, but really I didn't know I would miss her so much. I also do not want my girls to forget Grandma Kairlee. So I found the solution to help me feel better and for my girls to never forget Grandma. Throw a party! I know I get my cookyness from my mom. She did do a lot for us kids and try to keep us busy and having fun. My favorite memory was one night soon after we had watched the movie Practical Magic, my mom woke up all of us kids at midnight for midnight margaritas. She had even got the soundtrack from the movie Practical Magic so we could dance around the table. Who wakes up, or at least tried to wake up, 9 kids in the middle of the night and I am pretty sure it was on a school night. That's my mom for you. It sure made a lasting memory for us. So to carry my mom spirit in our home I set up just a quick Fairy Breakfast for my girls last minute, but I gave credit all to my mom. When my girls think of fairies they always think of my mom because my mom had loved fairies and such. she even glued a little fairy door in her room. She loved her grand kids and was always buying stuff to encourage their imagination. Even though some of the stuff she bought she didn't want the kids to touch but I think that's because she couldn't get out of bed to make sure everything was put back and not broken. I guess that was apart of her anxiety, but she had good intentions I had also made up several stories about Grandma and how she was really good freinds with the Fairies and so did my dad.
So back to the party, I set this all up and then put a portable doorbell in my girls room and when to my bed and with the remote I kept ringing and ringing the doorbell until my girls got up. It was so cute to hear the excitement in their voices as they squealed Grandma Kairlee came last night!!!! now they know it was from Grandma Kairlee because about a week after my mom passed away a did something similar which I am not quite ready to share yet, it's to dear to my heart right now, but in short, I had bundled up a party package with a letter from "Grandma Kairlee" and left it on our doorstep and doorbell ditched my house. I told them it was from Grandma Kairlee and read their notes to them. It really helped Itylee who was having a hard time with dealing with her death. So I thought it was time to throw another party. I had told my girls Grandma must of had help from the fairies to make all these magical fairy food. They were so happy just to think Grandma and Fairies had come to our house while they slept.
I was so lucky to have just bought the BEST cookbook in the world recently. It's called Sophia's Cookbook For Mortals by Cheri Schmidt. It's a cook book from a point of view of one of her character from her Fateful trilogy and has recipes from some of the stuff they ate in the books, and lucky for me there is a section of fairy food! It was perfect, and the recipes are amazing!!
I highly suggest all of her books and if your lucky you might be able to get them while they are on sale! I got Sophia's Cookbook For Mortal for only .99 cents. Best .99 cents I have ever spent!!
Here's a link for all her books
This book is more than a cookbook to me. It's has really help in my healing process too. I know my mom would of totally loved all of Cheri Schmidt's books and I really wish I could of shared them with her, but for now when I read or make something like fairy food it really helps me remember my mom and how amazing she was and I know this is something she would do. So thank you Cheri you have really made a difference in my life with your books. Don't ever stop writing!

Picture below are Fairy Cakes (with a Delicious lemon curd inside) and Raspberry-Kissed Lemon Fairy Cupcakes

Fairy Fruit dip
 Inside-Out Cheesecake Bites
 Magic Fairy Juice (this is my favorite! It may look like milk but it's far from it)
 Such Happy Girls!
 The girls love the flying fairies
For those of you that don't agree with what I am doing to help carry on memories of my mom then simply don't read my post. This is our way of healing and yes my girls will one day find out it's been me but we will keep on doing these random parties in memory of my mom so that we will always remember her. In a way it really is from her. She raised me to have an imagination, and to always love and have fun with your kids. It's a piece of her that she had passed along to me in my blood. So thank you to all who have read this and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pink and Black Paris Bridal Shower

I will go into depth about where I got a lot of my stuff because when ever I find a cute party on someone else's blog I wish they would list where they got everything so I could do the same. So I apologize in advance for the lengthy post.

So I was so fortunate to be able to plan another party for another one of my sister in laws who is getting married in June. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of time to plan her party. Wednesday, 18th, I was talking with my sister in law and discovered no one was planning a bridal shower for her and that she also wanted her sister who was moving to be able to come. So the only way was to have the party on the 28th. woo hoo I got to plan an entire bridal shower in 10 days which meant I also had to send out the invitations the next day. Lucky for me I have Mymemories suite software and whipped out the invitations that night and used to print and mail them so everyone got their invitations on Saturday and gave them a weeks notice, which is good right? Anyways here is a picture of the invitation. Again I sent it out as a post card. Names,numbers and addresses have been change to protect identify.

For the Fireplace I used my Silhouette to cut out all the lettering, the 3D Eiffel tower and also the cute little shoes. I found some cute vases at the D.I. and just sprayed painted them black and stuck some fake flowers in a Styrofoam ball for the top of them. Next I found the cute little fans at hobby lobby and lucky for me they were 50% off. For the necklaces I found them at Zurchers and stuffed them in the shoes which I also used for decoration and for a thank you for coming gift. I am sorry I didn't take a close up of the Paris sign but I bought a roll of pearls from hobby lobby from the wedding section which I used to put together the Paris sign.

Now for this party I didn't have enough time to make a cake so I did the next best thing. I bought a Nothing bundt cake. mmmmm It was soooo good! I found the F at hobby lobby and spray painted them and the Eiffel tower I made with my Silhouette and did a small half pom pom for underneath it. The cake platter is actually a plate on top of an upside down sundae cup. The cup I did have to spray paint but luckily the dollar store had black plates. Again I used some of the little shoes to kind of decorate with but I also made a big shoe with my silhouette to put the forks in. And for the cake server my mother in law already had a little shoe serving knife that we got to use..

For the entry table I placed the thank you for coming gifts. I made cute little 3D dresses and filled them with Swedish fish and skittles. The clear cups I found at hobby lobby and I just filled them with pink tulle and topped them off with a small half pom pom. I was so lucky that hobby lobby had a cute Paris pack of paper so all the cute little shoes and dresses matched the theme so well.

OK so for the food I did ask my other sister in law to make some chicken salad mix then I got the smaller crescents at Sam's club and we had a salad, grapes, strawberries, cream puffs, a pudding and Oreo mix and then of course a Delicious slushing drink recipe here. I was even lucky enough to find Olive Garden salad dressing at Sam's club so it was a good salad. For the decorations I made the big shoes to hold spoons and forks, and I found the black vases at hobby lobby but they were clear I just sprayed painted them and topped them off with a half pom pom and I used the roll of pearls I got from hobby hobby to lay out around all the food. You cant really see them but I bought plastic champagne glass from hobby lobby for the drink

The pudding cups I found at Zurchers and placed a little ring around the base of them which I found the rings at Zurchers too.
Here is a link to all my cute cut outs.
Shoes (I couldn't find a shoe pattern on the silhouette online store so this link will take you to a website that has a pdf of it. then I used my silhouette program and just manually traced the design.)
For the Paris and Merci banners I just used a curly font from my computer.
If you are interested in the Mymemories suite software make sure to type in the promotion code STMMMS99421 and receive 10$ off your purchase price and 10$ to use in the design shop
Well that's about it. I hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

African Safari baby shower

I know I have been distance lately from everything in my life but I have a good reason why. James' sister is having her first baby and I really wanted to throw her a baby shower. So I started back in february and I dedicated all my free time to make this the perfect baby shower. I'll first start with the invitations. I used My Memories Suite software to create the invitations it is seriously the best scrapbooking software you can use it for anything. Then I went to and had my pictures printed out on a postcard so I did not have to print out and mail the invitations myself they did it all for me.
Names, addresses, and phone numbers have been changed for the proctection of me and sister in-law. Where ever you see the name Mama is where my sister in-laws name was you already know my name so I left it.
This was what the front looked like where the mailing address was.
This was the back side of the post card.
So for the decorations I was able to get my hands on a Silhouette and cut out these cute little animal faces, lettering, baby diapers and accordion lolli.
For the little "thank for coming treats" I made preztels dipped in carmel then chocolate, chocolate dipped oreos, and little diapers filled with m&ms.

The picture below is where I had the presents put. There is a little table below the It's A Boy sign.
For the decor I just used empty cans from vegtables and covered them in paper and ribbon and topped it off with half a tissue pom pom and glued a little animal charater in the front.
For the food I simply did a deli bar with fruits and veggies. Very easy and stress free. Again a decorated with the cans and tiny tissue poms poms fromthe ceiling. I had also had some little animals faces just on the counter that I had left over.

I made a yummy slushy juice that was extremely easy and good. Here is the recipe for the juice.

I got the idea for the cake off of pinterest and it was my first time I have ever used marshmellow fondant.
The table below is what I had the game sheets and prizes on. I only did one game since there was going to be a lot of people. For the game I did The Nursery Rhyme Game. The sign below the table says SAFARI if you can't read it.
 I just put some cans on my banester to decorate it a little bit
The last decoration I did was this cute little diaper wreath for my door.
Here are the links to the silhouette store for all the cut outs I did.
I had so much fun planning this party. I also got to start and finish the office season 1-7 while working on this. So a double bonus. I know a lot of the time was spent trying to figure out how I wanted to decorate but then assembly all those cute little animal faces took a long time to. I made 108 of them. So don't worry I am storing this all in a box so hopefully I can use them again. If you live near by and want to borrow them I would be more than happy to and also could easily change the invitations for you. It would be really easy to change it for a girl party too. You just have to change out the blue for pink. Well I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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