Itylee and Vienna

Itylee and Vienna

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Husband of the Year Award goes to.........

Ok if there was a husband of the year award I would totally be giving it to my husband right now. First I'll have to explain. So we are finishing our basement so that my hubby's brother, wife and 2 kids can move in. Well that means that I had to loose my awesome toy/school/craft room since it was in the one room that was finished in the basement. So I was planning on moving all of that into the guest room we had upstairs, the only problem was that the guest room was going to be very crowded with my stuff and my girls toys since the room is significantly smaller. So my hubby willingly gave up his office to let me turn it into my very own craft room. So I was super excited for that. Then while we were planning the kitchen in the basement we realized that the kitchen cabinets that we had previously gotten off of ksl for a steal, wouldn't work in the basement. So instead of getting rid of the whole kitchen set my husband agreed to let me put it up in my craft room. SWEET! So I got to work right away on cutting the counter and rearranging how I wanted the whole set to go up in my room. Then my awesome hubby lugged all the cabinets and counter top and put it all together for me. He has definitively spoiled me this year. Not only do I have my own very organized craft room he had also earlier got me the best serger I could have ever asked for. I am going to be having so much fun this coming year.

This is the before picture of the cabinets. The wall cabinets are behind the counter so you can't see them.
These are the pictures of my craft room.

Now I can't wait for the spring and summer time because I think I'll give the cabinets and counter top a new fresh look!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Temple gift

So recently I had a friend of mine go through the Temple with her family. I was so excited for her so I wanted to do something special for her but had no clue what to do. So I hit up google to try and find a gift I could make but I could not find anything that had to do with just going through the temple. Great I had to come up with an idea on my own crap. So I thought I wanted to do like a temple kit or something before she went through the temple but freak what do I know I have never been through the Temple, so that idea was out the window. Then I decided to make a little "BASKET" full of blessing as a gift to help remind her how blessed she is. So I called up my visit teaching companion and we got to work. We kind of did it like the candy bar posters but I wanted it to be cute so we just put everything in a basket and I made the cute little cards with my digital scrapbooking program My Memories Suite. This is the best scrabooking software and if you would like to purchase it type in STMMMS99421 at checkout and get 10$ off and then 10$ to use in there store for embellishment. It will be the best purchase ever! I use it all the time.

This is what all the little cards say.

-A "BASKET" full of blessing. (basket)
-There are many "RIESENS" why you are blessed for going through the temple. (Riesens)
- Your family will be "EVERLASTING" (everlasting gobstoppers)
-You will be "SODA"-lighted to being one step closer to God. (her favorite soda)
- "U-NO" your marraiged has been strengthened. (U-NO candy bar)
-You will be able to "ACT" upon the spirit. (ACT popcorn.)
- Your kids will have a "PASTA"-tive example to look up to. (Pasta)
-There is "MUFFIN" like an eternal companion. (Her favorite muffin)
-You will have "JOY" beyond "MEASURE" (almond joys in a measuring cup.)
-It is an invest-"MINT" in reaching your eternal goals. (mints)
-You "SKOR"-ed one againsted Satan. (SKOR candy bar.)
-We're "NERDS" for not doing this earlier.(Nerds)
-"HUGS" and "KISSES" ~ Emmie & Jessie (Hugs and Kisses)

This could be a real cute idea for a bridal shower gift too. Well I hope you enjoyed. I loved how this turned out. This is my first time I have come up with an Idea all by myself with out relying on Pinterest, sugardoodle, blogs, or google. Yeah me. Maybe I will break through this creative block I am in.