Itylee and Vienna

Itylee and Vienna

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fairy party for Breakfast!

OK so I have to say I didn't handle my moms passing as well as I thought I would. I know I am lucky to have wanted her to pass so she wouldn't have to suffer any more, but really I didn't know I would miss her so much. I also do not want my girls to forget Grandma Kairlee. So I found the solution to help me feel better and for my girls to never forget Grandma. Throw a party! I know I get my cookyness from my mom. She did do a lot for us kids and try to keep us busy and having fun. My favorite memory was one night soon after we had watched the movie Practical Magic, my mom woke up all of us kids at midnight for midnight margaritas. She had even got the soundtrack from the movie Practical Magic so we could dance around the table. Who wakes up, or at least tried to wake up, 9 kids in the middle of the night and I am pretty sure it was on a school night. That's my mom for you. It sure made a lasting memory for us. So to carry my mom spirit in our home I set up just a quick Fairy Breakfast for my girls last minute, but I gave credit all to my mom. When my girls think of fairies they always think of my mom because my mom had loved fairies and such. she even glued a little fairy door in her room. She loved her grand kids and was always buying stuff to encourage their imagination. Even though some of the stuff she bought she didn't want the kids to touch but I think that's because she couldn't get out of bed to make sure everything was put back and not broken. I guess that was apart of her anxiety, but she had good intentions I had also made up several stories about Grandma and how she was really good freinds with the Fairies and so did my dad.
So back to the party, I set this all up and then put a portable doorbell in my girls room and when to my bed and with the remote I kept ringing and ringing the doorbell until my girls got up. It was so cute to hear the excitement in their voices as they squealed Grandma Kairlee came last night!!!! now they know it was from Grandma Kairlee because about a week after my mom passed away a did something similar which I am not quite ready to share yet, it's to dear to my heart right now, but in short, I had bundled up a party package with a letter from "Grandma Kairlee" and left it on our doorstep and doorbell ditched my house. I told them it was from Grandma Kairlee and read their notes to them. It really helped Itylee who was having a hard time with dealing with her death. So I thought it was time to throw another party. I had told my girls Grandma must of had help from the fairies to make all these magical fairy food. They were so happy just to think Grandma and Fairies had come to our house while they slept.
I was so lucky to have just bought the BEST cookbook in the world recently. It's called Sophia's Cookbook For Mortals by Cheri Schmidt. It's a cook book from a point of view of one of her character from her Fateful trilogy and has recipes from some of the stuff they ate in the books, and lucky for me there is a section of fairy food! It was perfect, and the recipes are amazing!!
I highly suggest all of her books and if your lucky you might be able to get them while they are on sale! I got Sophia's Cookbook For Mortal for only .99 cents. Best .99 cents I have ever spent!!
Here's a link for all her books
This book is more than a cookbook to me. It's has really help in my healing process too. I know my mom would of totally loved all of Cheri Schmidt's books and I really wish I could of shared them with her, but for now when I read or make something like fairy food it really helps me remember my mom and how amazing she was and I know this is something she would do. So thank you Cheri you have really made a difference in my life with your books. Don't ever stop writing!

Picture below are Fairy Cakes (with a Delicious lemon curd inside) and Raspberry-Kissed Lemon Fairy Cupcakes

Fairy Fruit dip
 Inside-Out Cheesecake Bites
 Magic Fairy Juice (this is my favorite! It may look like milk but it's far from it)
 Such Happy Girls!
 The girls love the flying fairies
For those of you that don't agree with what I am doing to help carry on memories of my mom then simply don't read my post. This is our way of healing and yes my girls will one day find out it's been me but we will keep on doing these random parties in memory of my mom so that we will always remember her. In a way it really is from her. She raised me to have an imagination, and to always love and have fun with your kids. It's a piece of her that she had passed along to me in my blood. So thank you to all who have read this and I hope you have a wonderful day!