Itylee and Vienna

Itylee and Vienna

Sunday, March 18, 2012

African Safari baby shower

I know I have been distance lately from everything in my life but I have a good reason why. James' sister is having her first baby and I really wanted to throw her a baby shower. So I started back in february and I dedicated all my free time to make this the perfect baby shower. I'll first start with the invitations. I used My Memories Suite software to create the invitations it is seriously the best scrapbooking software you can use it for anything. Then I went to and had my pictures printed out on a postcard so I did not have to print out and mail the invitations myself they did it all for me.
Names, addresses, and phone numbers have been changed for the proctection of me and sister in-law. Where ever you see the name Mama is where my sister in-laws name was you already know my name so I left it.
This was what the front looked like where the mailing address was.
This was the back side of the post card.
So for the decorations I was able to get my hands on a Silhouette and cut out these cute little animal faces, lettering, baby diapers and accordion lolli.
For the little "thank for coming treats" I made preztels dipped in carmel then chocolate, chocolate dipped oreos, and little diapers filled with m&ms.

The picture below is where I had the presents put. There is a little table below the It's A Boy sign.
For the decor I just used empty cans from vegtables and covered them in paper and ribbon and topped it off with half a tissue pom pom and glued a little animal charater in the front.
For the food I simply did a deli bar with fruits and veggies. Very easy and stress free. Again a decorated with the cans and tiny tissue poms poms fromthe ceiling. I had also had some little animals faces just on the counter that I had left over.

I made a yummy slushy juice that was extremely easy and good. Here is the recipe for the juice.

I got the idea for the cake off of pinterest and it was my first time I have ever used marshmellow fondant.
The table below is what I had the game sheets and prizes on. I only did one game since there was going to be a lot of people. For the game I did The Nursery Rhyme Game. The sign below the table says SAFARI if you can't read it.
 I just put some cans on my banester to decorate it a little bit
The last decoration I did was this cute little diaper wreath for my door.
Here are the links to the silhouette store for all the cut outs I did.
I had so much fun planning this party. I also got to start and finish the office season 1-7 while working on this. So a double bonus. I know a lot of the time was spent trying to figure out how I wanted to decorate but then assembly all those cute little animal faces took a long time to. I made 108 of them. So don't worry I am storing this all in a box so hopefully I can use them again. If you live near by and want to borrow them I would be more than happy to and also could easily change the invitations for you. It would be really easy to change it for a girl party too. You just have to change out the blue for pink. Well I hope you enjoyed reading this!

If you are interested in getting the My Memories Suite software enter my code  STMMMS99421  at check out and get 10$ off the software and 10$ to use towards the purchase of some embellishment for your program.