Itylee and Vienna

Itylee and Vienna

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pink and Black Paris Bridal Shower

I will go into depth about where I got a lot of my stuff because when ever I find a cute party on someone else's blog I wish they would list where they got everything so I could do the same. So I apologize in advance for the lengthy post.

So I was so fortunate to be able to plan another party for another one of my sister in laws who is getting married in June. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of time to plan her party. Wednesday, 18th, I was talking with my sister in law and discovered no one was planning a bridal shower for her and that she also wanted her sister who was moving to be able to come. So the only way was to have the party on the 28th. woo hoo I got to plan an entire bridal shower in 10 days which meant I also had to send out the invitations the next day. Lucky for me I have Mymemories suite software and whipped out the invitations that night and used to print and mail them so everyone got their invitations on Saturday and gave them a weeks notice, which is good right? Anyways here is a picture of the invitation. Again I sent it out as a post card. Names,numbers and addresses have been change to protect identify.

For the Fireplace I used my Silhouette to cut out all the lettering, the 3D Eiffel tower and also the cute little shoes. I found some cute vases at the D.I. and just sprayed painted them black and stuck some fake flowers in a Styrofoam ball for the top of them. Next I found the cute little fans at hobby lobby and lucky for me they were 50% off. For the necklaces I found them at Zurchers and stuffed them in the shoes which I also used for decoration and for a thank you for coming gift. I am sorry I didn't take a close up of the Paris sign but I bought a roll of pearls from hobby lobby from the wedding section which I used to put together the Paris sign.

Now for this party I didn't have enough time to make a cake so I did the next best thing. I bought a Nothing bundt cake. mmmmm It was soooo good! I found the F at hobby lobby and spray painted them and the Eiffel tower I made with my Silhouette and did a small half pom pom for underneath it. The cake platter is actually a plate on top of an upside down sundae cup. The cup I did have to spray paint but luckily the dollar store had black plates. Again I used some of the little shoes to kind of decorate with but I also made a big shoe with my silhouette to put the forks in. And for the cake server my mother in law already had a little shoe serving knife that we got to use..

For the entry table I placed the thank you for coming gifts. I made cute little 3D dresses and filled them with Swedish fish and skittles. The clear cups I found at hobby lobby and I just filled them with pink tulle and topped them off with a small half pom pom. I was so lucky that hobby lobby had a cute Paris pack of paper so all the cute little shoes and dresses matched the theme so well.

OK so for the food I did ask my other sister in law to make some chicken salad mix then I got the smaller crescents at Sam's club and we had a salad, grapes, strawberries, cream puffs, a pudding and Oreo mix and then of course a Delicious slushing drink recipe here. I was even lucky enough to find Olive Garden salad dressing at Sam's club so it was a good salad. For the decorations I made the big shoes to hold spoons and forks, and I found the black vases at hobby lobby but they were clear I just sprayed painted them and topped them off with a half pom pom and I used the roll of pearls I got from hobby hobby to lay out around all the food. You cant really see them but I bought plastic champagne glass from hobby lobby for the drink

The pudding cups I found at Zurchers and placed a little ring around the base of them which I found the rings at Zurchers too.
Here is a link to all my cute cut outs.
Shoes (I couldn't find a shoe pattern on the silhouette online store so this link will take you to a website that has a pdf of it. then I used my silhouette program and just manually traced the design.)
For the Paris and Merci banners I just used a curly font from my computer.
If you are interested in the Mymemories suite software make sure to type in the promotion code STMMMS99421 and receive 10$ off your purchase price and 10$ to use in the design shop
Well that's about it. I hope you enjoyed it.