Itylee and Vienna

Itylee and Vienna

Monday, March 14, 2011

72 hour kits reality check

My heart goes out to all the people in Japan and also to everyone that has loved ones there. We have been so blessed over here in Utah to not have the "Big One" hit us yet. All these natural disasters that have been going on around the world have been a warning to us to be prepared. So i decided to go through my 72 hr kits that hasnt been updated since 2008 and discovered my family would probably last only 1 day if we were away from home and because of my job its probably likely that I would be away from home. It was quite frightening. First I had to run down stairs to even find the 72 hr kit when really it should of been in my car. Then discovered it only had a few food items in it that had expired in 2008. So my shopping list was made. Then I realized there wasnt anything for Vienna due the fact she was born in 2009 and my bag was made in 2008. I was totally not prepared. Luckly while I was going through my kit I remembered James had gotten me a solar powered phone charger for Christmas but I never put it in my in kit. How mad at myself would I have been If i was in need of it and didnt have it because I was to lazy to put it right away when I got it. I think it is something everyone should have if you have a cell phone. Expecially if your like me and that is your home phone too. Also it was a great reminder to establish an out of state contact that both my husband and I could call to check in to incase I couldnt get a hold of him. So my list is made, food shopping, and calling my sister to let her know she is my contact. So I challenge all of you to just check your 72 hr kits and seriously let me know if your kit was up to date! I will give you a gold star if it is :)And seriously consider getting this solar powered charger. Its also good for more thing than a  phone too!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Refinished Piano

So I have really been dying for a piano and luckly I had just found someone who was getting rid of their piano for FREE! Yes there was a catch. It was really old built in 1925 but I LOVE old things so itwas no problem then some of the keys were not working and they had started to paint it and never finished. Luckly for me I was actually excited for those mishaps. First I had to take it apart and fix the keys that werent working then I painted it black with some left over blck polyshade. I didnt like how the black hid a lot of the dimension of the piano so I sanded around the edges and LOVE it! The Picture doesn't do it justice. There is not a better feeling than taking something broken and fixing it! So all and all I didnt spend I dime on this project which is a double bonus!